Tuesday, February 15, 2011

World IPv6 Day: at AppalachianWireless.com

IPv6 is here to stay!

There is plenty of room for growth, new options, and more devices.
And there is a public IP address for everyone.

Due to the ever growing data usage and customers, Appalachian Wireless will be participating in the World IPv6 Day.

This means that when you access www.appalachianwireless.com you will have direct IPv6 or IPv4 access.
If you are on a network that already supports IPv6, than you will connected direct to appalachianwireless.com via IPv6.
If you are still running IPv4, you will be able to continue to access the site via IPv4.

Today, you can already test your IPv6 access by connecting to ipv6.appalachianwireless.com and verifying your network access.

If you are on an ISP who is behind and not able to give you an IPv6 address, there are a number of options available including http://tunnelbroker.net/.

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